International Students Conference in Eger

StuConEg 2011, 8-11 September 2011

The program of the conference will be focus on certain areas in biology such as biodiversity and ecology, phsiology, human biology and taxonomy, conservation biology.

This Conference is a great opportunity to meet and form further collaboration with other students and institutes over Europe!

Eszterházy College as an attractive possibility for students to visit

Due to its educational profile the Eszterházy Károly College is both professionally and culturally integrated into the life of the city. While on the one hand it operates as an intellectual base, by hosting various scholarly conferences along with scientific and cultural events and offering post-graduate programs or continuative educational programs for the professionals of the region, the College actively contributes to the improvement of the cultural life of the citizens of the city and the region.

The College has not only a national, but international reputation attracting students from all counties of the country and from abroad as well.

Basic research efforts are carried out in the following fields: Biology (Botany, Zoology), Geography, Mathematics, History, Languages and Literature, and Philosophy. Applied research programs focus on Educational Methodology, Applied Psychology, Pedagogy, Economics, Economic Geography, utilization of solar energy, nature protection and conservation, and food analytics.

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The Campus of Faculty os Science can be found on the low  hill above  the Castle of Eger. From the building sin Leányka Street beautiful panorama shows the misterious features of the city.

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Pénzesné Dr. Kónya Erika

Institute of Biology , Faculty of Natural Sciences, Eszterházy Károly College

Eger, 6.  Leányka street.


Telephone: +36 36 520400/4208



Eger is situated at the intersection of the spectacular Bükk Mountains and the Great Plains and surrounded by picturesque vineyards, Eger, the seat of Heves County and the centre of the Eger Archdiocese is one of the most famous and frequented towns of Hungary. The intricate network of underground cellars ferment and preserve the world famous wines of Eger.

Eger, with its population of 60,000 is a favoured tourist attraction as annually hundreds of thousands of foreign and domestic visitors enjoy its spectacular Baroque monuments and historic buildings, get acquainted with the Castle recalling the days of Hungary”s heroic resistance to the advance of the Ottoman Empire, delight in the sight of the Minaret built during the Turkish Conquest, benefit from the therapeutic effects of the Eger Open-Air Bath and relish the taste of the Eger wines.

Map of Hungary with Eger

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Map of the campus

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